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Nelson A. Rockefeller

Interment LocationVisitedSequence in Graves I Have Visited
Sleepy Hollow, NYMay 22, 201025th Vice President visited

Photographed May 22, 2010.

Nelson A. Rockefeller — Gerald Ford’s vice president and the longtime Liberal Republican governor of New York — is interred among his kin at the Rockefeller Family Cemetery in Sleepy Hollow, New York.

Fast Facts

Born: July 8, 1908 in Bar Harbor, Maine

Spouses: Mary Todhunter Clark Rockefeller (m. 1930-1962); Margaretta Large Rockefeller (m. 1963-1979)

Political Affiliation: Republican Party

Vice Presidential Term: 1974-1977 under Gerald Ford

Died: January 26, 1979 in New York, New York

Cause of Death: Heart Attack (presumed)

Age: 70

Interment: Rockefeller Family Cemetery, Sleepy Hollow, New York

"Precisely one year ago today, on July 14, 1963, I warned that the Republican Party is in real danger of subversion by a radical, well-financed, highly-disciplined minority... A minority wholly alien to the sound and honest conservatism that has firmly based the Republican Party in the best of a century's tradition... wholly alien to the sound and honest Republican Liberalism that has kept this party abreast of human needs in a changing world, wholly alien to the broad middle course that accommodates the mainstream of Republican principle."
- Nelson Rockefeller

July 14, 1964 in his address to the Republican National Convention in San Francisco, California

Sources Consulted

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