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Spring Hill Cemetery

Home Run Baker

Interment Location Visited Sequence in Graves I Have Visited
Easton, MD June 24, 2021 25th Baseball Hall Enshrinee visited

Photographed June 24, 2021.
Photographed June 24, 2021.
Photographed June 24, 2021.

Fast Facts

Born: March 13, 1886 in Trappe, Maryland

Spouses: Ottilie R. Tschantre Baker (m. 1909-1920); Margaret E. Mitchell Baker (m. 1922-1963)

Primary Team: Philadelphia Athletics (1908-1914)

Baseball Hall of Fame: Class of 1955

Died: June 28, 1963 in Trappe, Maryland

Cause of Death: Stroke

Age: 77

Interment: Spring Hill Cemetery, Easton, Maryland

"I guess it's true that the game has changed so much that we old gaffers are hardly a part of it anymore. Why, I remember a few years ago when I went up to Philadelphia and was astonished to see Joe DiMaggio hit a home run over the fence in right center. That fence was unchanged from the days when I played in that park and we almost never hit it on the fly or on the first bounce. But DiMaggio cleared it easily, and he didn't even seem to swing hard."
- Home Run Baker

comparing mid-century Major League Baseball to the dead-ball era of the early 1900s, in which he played
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