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Bush Family Gravesite

George H.W. Bush

Interment Location Visited Sequence in Graves I Have Visited
College Station, TX March 12, 2019 39th President visited; 42nd Vice President visited

Photographed March 12, 2019.

In November 2018, nearly five years after I completed my goal of visiting the graves of every U.S. president and vice president, George H.W. Bush — who held both posts — passed away. He was laid to rest at the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, where I paid my respects in March 2019.

The 41st president is buried alongside his wife of seventy-three years, Barbara, and their daughter, Robin, who died of leukemia in 1953 at age three. Robin was relocated from her original grave in Greenwich, Connecticut, to College Station in 2000.

Photographed March 12, 2019.
Photographed March 12, 2019.

On November 25, 2017, Bush surpassed Gerald Ford as the longest-lived U.S. president. The following June, he became the first former chief executive to live to age 94. Jimmy Carter broke Bush’s longevity record on March 22, 2019.

In his retirement, Bush wore dress socks with designs that celebrated events, causes, or people, such as World Down Syndrome Day, Superman, the American flag, and literacy. Per his spokesperson, Jim McGrath, he was laid to rest sporting a pair that reflected his service as a naval aviator in World War II. The inscription on the cross planted at the head of Bush’s grave denotes his military service as well.

Photographed March 12, 2019.

Fast Facts

Born: June 12, 1924 in Milton, Massachusetts

Spouse: Barbara Pierce Bush (m. 1945-2018)

Highest Military Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade — U.S. Navy

Political Affiliation: Republican Party

Vice Presidential Term: 1981-1989 under Ronald Reagan

Presidential Term: 1989-1993

Vice President: Dan Quayle

Died: November 30, 2018 in Houston, Texas

Cause of Death: Parkinson’s Disease

Age: 94

Last Words: “‘I love you, too.”

Interment: George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, College Station, Texas

"I will keep America moving forward, always forward, for a better America, for an endless enduring dream and a thousand points of light. This is my mission, and I will complete it."
- George H.W. Bush
August 18, 1988 in his presidential nomination acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana

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